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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are crucial to make a difference in the mental health community. Check out some opportunities below to get started.

Peace Corps - Venture out into diverse communities and cultures to help with a variety of needs.


Become a Volunteer | Crisis Text Line - Become a crisis counselor for the national crisis text hotline.


The Trevor Project - Same as the previous option, except you can become a crisis counselor for the LGBTQ+ youth and serve as a guide for them.


Red Cross - Volunteer with the Red Cross in a variety of ways, ranging from donating blood to physically helping the ones who need it.


Cultivate - Help out the elderly and empower them with a smile.


Love For Our EldersWrite a letter to the elderly and bring happiness!


Alone - Make the elderly feel welcome and less lonely in their environment from the comfort of your own home (Ireland).


Post Pals - Write a letter to children going through a physical illness (UK). 


Her Well Center - Make care bags and spread awareness regarding sexual assault (Texas).


NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness - Participate in an awareness event, fundraiser, or in a NAMIWalk in your area.


Rethink - Give back to communities by dedicating your time (England).


Learning Ally - Narrate audiobooks for individuals who have a disability.


Reading Partners - Aid students in improving their reading skills.



Remember to check out local places near you for more opportunities. Try volunteering at homeless shelters, children’s center, or at your local hospital. Every center needs your help and determination.

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